so:but[and]= at The Orchard School (New Hampshire, the United States)

しょうぶ学園ドキュメンタリーフィルム「so : but [and] = − あらかじめ, 情動の. 」アメリカでの上映会が再び開催されました。

ドキュメンタリー映画 「so : but [and] = ーあらかじめ, 情動の. 」/ オフィシャルサイト
so : but [and] = − あらかじめ, 情動の. 予告編 しょうぶ学園ウェブサイト

【会場】The Orchard School  (114 Old Settlers Rd, Alstead, New Hampshire 03602)

The Orchard School ウェブサイト


Please join us Saturday for this great film!

White Raven Film Series at The Orchard School and Community Center presents

The documentary film “so :but [and] =1,2,3,4” 

This film explores one kind of creation. It tells a story about “otto & orabu”, a band formed at Shobu Gakuen, a care facility for people with intellectual in Japan. Their music is known as unsystematic, spontaneous but instinctively soothing. Their stage has been attracting many people all over Japan. .

Does their style emerge intentionally or unintentionally? The film gradually unfolds the magic and beauty of the music and their style.The camera captures the essence of the facility just the way it is. It transmits the air, light and sounds while presenting scenes from daily activities–including some very fine art work and voices from the residents and staff members. It is a special and magical place. While we share the space with them, we unintentionally forget about issues of our mind; to feel and enjoy what we have right at this moment.



―その後のスタッフや園生達の様子にとても興味がある。この映画の続編、その後のotto & orabuの姿を伝える映画を作ってほしい。